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"Bremmstrahlung" is a German word used in physics to describe what happens when a charged particle sharply accelerates and emits a photon in the process.

Bremmstrahlung is a minimalistic arcade game about surviving as long as possible in small arenas against hordes of enemies. The key mechanic is that to shoot your bullets against them, you need to be moving towards them, and then turn. Your "particle" will "emit" a burst of light in the direction of its previous movement that will destroy them. Of course, that also means it's that much more likely to crash into them! Fight as long as possible and perfect your scores!

Default controls:

Move with arrow keys
Enter and Escape to navigate menus

This game right now is in early access. I will try to add new levels or types of enemies if I receive enough feedback, and might as well tweak the mechanics or add support for the GameJolt API for scoreboards.


bremmstrahlung-windows-x86.zip 30 MB
Version 1 Nov 11, 2017
bremmstrahlung-linux-x86.zip 37 MB
Version 1 Nov 11, 2017

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